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Why It Is Okay To Live a "Boring Life"

Our peers, celebrities and pop culture put people under immense pressure to “live on the edge”

They say, don’t live the boring life. What they mean by boring is that most times, you have a simple life, live within your means, not drinking, smoking or being bad.

As controversial as it may sound, the expression “living on the edge” means to lead a lifestyle full of dangers just to feel good”. Call it “adrenalin”, “hype”, “crazy”, “adventurous” and so forth - to me all you’re risking so much just to feel good or excited.

This is the reason why people gamble so much and eventually lose a large portion of their fortune, if not their properties. This is why people commit serious acts of crime, and get imprisoned for life. This is why some people love horror games and horror films. This is why many heartbreaks and unplanned children are caused.

Except this adventure betters an individual, it is not necessary.

You can live your boring life if it makes you happy, takes care of your needs.  As long as it’s not hurting anyone or anything morally wrong, you should do what you want.

Society tries to tell us what will make us happy (e.g. money, fame, sex, loads of friends), yet the truth remains that what is boring to one person is not to another. And sources of happiness vary for each person. The lifestyle that makes one person happy could make you miserable.

Boring is very relative. You may look at the popular girl from your Facebook and think that your life is boring in comparison to hers. But then if you compare this popular girl’s life to that of a celebrity who travels all over the world, parties with other gorgeous celebrities, and is paid millions, the popular girl’s life seems quite boring too. Your seemingly uneventful life could be exhilarating to someone living more sheltered and lacking opportunities.

It’s not wrong to live a boring life. It’s your own decision how you want to live your life.

The first question should simply be what is important to you?

Are personal growth, excitement, learning, creativity, productivity or adventure important to you?

Or is relaxation, enjoyment, socializing, good food, playing computer games or enjoying life important to you?

There is really no right or wrong answer here. As long as you are honest to yourself about what you really want, nobody can tell you that leading a boring life is “better” or “worse” than any other option.

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