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Ways To Utilize The Time You Spend In Traffic

If you live in Lagos or any metropolitan state, the question is not what to do If you get in traffic, it is what to do WHEN you get in traffic. So, HOW often have you been stuck in traffic and just waited impatiently for it to clear? Daily!

Traffic jams all over the world can always rattle even the calmest individual. Since, it appears we are stuck with it until government finds a way around it, we might as well learn how to cope. When next you are stuck and sitting bumper to bumper on the highway, try one of these things to do while stuck in traffic to prevent stress, boredom and anger toward the buses in front of you.


It’s time to fulfil your childhood dream of being a singer. The best time to listen to your favorite songs and sing your heart out is now. Although if you are a bus, you may not be able to go karaoke or Live Band but you can still listen to some music and hum along. Music can relieve stress and take us to a lot of places and we could actually use this time to visually see where we’re heading.

Catch Up On Your Reading

Not social media. Actual book. A book can actually kill your time while waiting for your stop, a chapter away is a nice progress reading your favorite author’s work. And if you are driving, invest in audio books, apps that read.

Take a Nap.

Let’s be fair. “You cannot come and kill yourself” Again, this is not advisable for those who have their own car: you can’t sleep while driving. But if you’re riding in public, try to catch some Zs. Take a power nap and, if you think you’re getting near your stop, stretch a bit. I bet when you wake up there’s just only you and two more passengers inside. Trust me: Been there, done that.


You could post something online about the traffic jam or things you see while stuck in traffic.  Or actually work on your novel that you are too busy to take care of all week.


Make a to-do list. Work to-do list, a home to-do list, a grocery list, a list of my short-term goals, a list of my long-term goals - While you are in traffic, you can easily jot down or record it.

Call a friend

Text if the noise is too much but use this time to stay in touch.. This might be one of the few times that you actually have plenty of time to ask all of the needed questions and listen intently to your friend’s life updates.

Tell us how are coping

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