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List of People You Should Avoid Like a Plague

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While I was in the university, I used to have a friend who wanted to be everything I was. While this can be flattering, it wasn’t. She was obsessed with outdoing me, had one bad thing to say about me to her friends and was constantly trying to demean me.

As long as you live, you will meet so many people in your daily life. Some of this people are broken and despicable. Most you have to avoid like a plague. The reason is simple; good communication corrupt good manners. Some can go beyond that and stop you from being the person you are meant to be. Acknowledging who to cut off and who to be patient with can be a lifesaver.

Here is a list...


Make sure you avoid people who have one bad thing to say about everyone else. Trust that they do the same thing with you. These people are toxic and spread bitterness.


“You are doomed to fail,

“You don’t have it in you”

“You will never succeed.”

Statements destroyed dreams than failure ever will. It makes you negative and can stop you in your tracks if it is coming from people you love and respect.


A chronic liar is not someone you want in your circle.

If a person lies to you for the first time; forgive them. If a person lies to you for the second time, then avoid them. It is no longer a mistake or white lie, it is a habit.


All those people who will only remember you when they are in trouble.

Those ones that will always contact you when they need help. And when everything is sorted out they will forget you. They always have problems for you to solve and never ever solve yours.

Learn to know which person is using you and leave them. It’s not stupidity, but its maturity.

People make time for the things that are important to them.

The Perpetual Victim

People who like to play victim in every situation are hard and draining. They make life all about them and instead of trying to deal with their problems, they look for pity. Avoid these kind of people as they have a tendency to be abusive.

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