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Using Symbols and Body Awareness to Expand Your Intuition

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As someone who has always been very right brain/intuitive oriented, I often find myself amazed and impressed with left brain/linear people like accountants, architects and scientists. Yet, these same folks often exclaim with gratitude, praise and wonder at the psychic readings that I do. What is easy for one person may be hard for another and vice-a versa. The truly balanced person has a gift for using both the right/intuitive brain and the left linear logical brain in unison to solve problems and function fully. When we learn to access our innate abilities and apply these skills to daily living we feel more in tune to the deepest part of our being and can then follow our own unique path in life.

How do we get more in touch with both our intuitive essence and our logical nature? Understanding symbols can be an exciting tool for integrating both the left and right brain. We must first understand that intuition is conveyed through feelings in the present moment while logical processing is linked to thoughts and ideas that have been sorted and stored in our brains. When these two elements are joined there can be inspiring thoughts. "The Dream Book" by Betty Bethards is a wonderful example of this interplay between emotion and thought. Symbols are used to unlock the meaning behind the dream story. For example Betty suggests the image of a bridge can mean "A transition, leaving the old and entering the new... "

Now, depending upon how we feel when contemplating leaving the old and entering the new, this image will have either a positive or negative effect on us. Our brain may send a message to retreat or shut down if we have had little success with change. However, if we have skillfully navigated past challenges and losses, then we may be emotionally ready and excited to venture forth and discover new terrain. Our bodies are the link between the emotions and the thoughts that are happening simultaneously in both hemispheres of the brain.

When we listen to the wisdom of our hearts and minds through our bodies we access our deepest knowing. By closing our eyes and tuning in to our physical form, we can become aware of a feeling of tightness or constriction or expansion and openness. With deeper listening, we can ask our higher self to gift us with a symbol or image to help us in making a decision. A dream book can assist us in interpreting the symbols that arise. Simply picture a blank screen in your mind's eye and allow a picture to emerge on it. Our intuition and logic together convey to our body our inner wisdom. Learning to take note of how our body feels in any moment and using symbols can be a very useful tool in learning to decipher your own special journey and path in life.

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