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How To Make Better Friendships

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Do successful people have better relationships? 

Is there any relation in between the art of making good friends and success?

Ways to meet people and make good friends who remain for a life time, and exactly what is success?

An artist feels successful after meticulously creating a gorgeous portrait, and an entrepreneur feels successful if the service he offers helps people while making profits.

How do our friendships impact our success?

Finding happiness and success?

A successful person is essentially a content and pleased person. Happiness implies - to feel pleased with life in most of the ways and to preserve a state of mind that is contented.

The Course in Miracles teaches, "Salvation is a paradox! What could it be except a happy dream?

The successful entrepreneurs of the world have always realized that our relationships become part of the dream of life in this world.

We will also need an art of making good friends and keeping friendships strong through-out our life if we want to prosper.

How to make friends?

How to meet new people and keep friendships that last?

Congratulate them at every success, express empathy at every loss and share delight at every success or any enjoyable event.

The role of the Internet in keeping ways and contacts to meet people:

Yes, in the earlier times, when the internet was not yet with us, talking on telephones, corresponding and meeting personally were the preferred methods of keeping in touch.

After the introduction of the Internet, emailing and chat are gradually replacing these earlier ways.

The best ways to make more impact:

Would you prefer to send out a one line congratulations mail to your wonderful friends on their birthdays, their anniversary, their promo and all such other event when they are feeling unique?

Does it make a distinction?

Stop sending plain e-mails and start sending e-cards to link with your friends on days and occasions that are special and unique.

Try it!

Is there any relation in between art of making good friends and success? How to make good-ole-pals who stay for a life time?

You are the artist of your life here in this world we call Earth, and an artist feels effective after producing a beautiful painting that people are drawn to.

We will likewise have an art for ways to meet people and make new friends for a lifetime if we want to succeed.

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