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Best 10 Tips for Looking Good Each Day

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Some people think that looking good is about being perfectly groomed, as if from a glossy magazine. But some people look a little wild, quirky and dishevelled and yet something about them means they always look wonderful.

Here are tips for looking good each day:

- A ready smile and cheery disposition often feature high. Someone who's warm, friendly and enjoys life will radiate an inner glow and beauty.

Be ready to say yes, be enthusiastic, join in and be willing to have a go. Attractive people often have a genuine interest in life. Have something in your diary to look forward to.

Maintain a positive mindset by focusing on the good things that happen each day, even the small things like a stranger's smile, a compliment, the view from your window.

Don't take things personally. Someone else's bad mood may be about stuff that's on their mind. Protect yourself from external stress.

Look after yourself. Your health affects how you look. Exercise regularly, with breaks for nutritious food and water. Support good quality sleep; we all feel better when we've slept on a problem. Introduce positive habits; switch off your technology, allow time to relax before bed.

Forgive yourself your shortcomings and mistakes. Value constructive criticism when a learning point's included. Treat yourself with the same compassion you would another person.

Engage professional help to deal with any negative patterns of behaviour or issues you may have. A good counsellor or hypnotherapist can support you in becoming stronger and more confident.

Accept help. Let friends, family or colleagues provide support, ideas and input. It may be appropriate to ask for help sometimes. Communicate regularly and invest time and attention in your relationships.

Consider your appearance, the impression you give. We may have an everyday 'uniform' in order to dress quickly and look acceptable. Impartially assess your style. Do you need to refresh your image, your makeup? Visit a different hairdresser or barber so you're styled by a fresh pair of eyes.

Do things that make you happy. Read a book, enjoy a hobby or interest. Listen to music or join a stimulating evening class. Things that make you happy help you to look better.

Looking good comes not just from being clean, tidy and well-groomed. It's also important to invest time and attention in your mental and emotional wellbeing too.

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