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5 Questions to Unblock Yourself

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What am I afraid of? 

When people feel so blocked, there usually is a fear lurking behind the choices open to them. The question that will unveil your fear is the one you keep on asking yourself under those circumstances... WHAT IF... ? 'What if I took this path and this or that happened? What if I took this other one and this or that happened?' So then, what is your "what if" question? Identify it to understand what you're afraid of. In a blocked situation, all choices might result in some fear of some kind. Discover what it is that you're afraid of and that might show you which of the fears you can handle best.

What do I gain? 

What do you gain by being blocked? Pity? Attention? When a human being remains in a situation, there is always a gain to be obtained. The gain might even sound twisted to the rest, but there is one for sure. Let me give you an example. Some people remain blocked because unblocking themselves will cause huge pain in others, no matter which way they go. So they stay blocked in spite of the pain to themselves. The second question you have to ask yourself, then, is what it is that you gain by being in the position you are. By identifying the gain you might be able to see other new choices that you couldn't perceive before.

What do I believe? 

Behind the fear and behind the gain, there is always a belief sustaining them both. Ask yourself which belief is nurturing those fears and gains in order to understand how to deal with it. Beliefs can be identified by asking ourselves what it is that we think about the situation or the fear. Once the belief is identified, ask yourself whether that particular belief limits or empowers you. That will give you some answers. Remember that all your beliefs are your own choice. And that you can choose to change the ones that limit you.

What is preventing me from setting myself free? 

Setting yourself free requires giving yourself freedom from limiting beliefs and fears. So, what is really preventing you from changing your beliefs or overcoming your fear? What is the real obstacle? Identify the obstacle and then establish the steps to overcome it. Sometimes, some clients tell me that it is their own mind that is blocking them; their own thoughts and thinking processes. I then recommend them to consider and realize that they are much more than just their brains and that it is in their power to control their thoughts. If this is your case, remember, you are much more than just your thoughts. Use your whole being to control them and stop them from controlling you.

Do I want to be free? 

Now that you know your fears, your gains, your beliefs and your obstacles, do you still want to be blocked or would you rather take action and free yourself? Remember, even that is your own choice. Nobody can choose for you. Nobody can define your fears, your gains, your beliefs or your obstacles... only you. And only you can choose to defeat them.
I hope these five questions help you decide what it is that you truly want from life

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